untitled-mirror self

Charcoal on newsprint. 18"x24"


This was my summer project. I have hated this painting at times, and I have loved it at times. It has layers and layers of paint due to my indecisiveness. I started it in May and I finished it a few weeks ago. This is a painting of an acrobat who is trying so hard to get everyones attention, but instead just looks like a fool. Oil on canvas. 3x4ft.


hat rack

I'm not much of a sculptor, but I took an art 3D class in high school and loved it. I decided to make a hat rack out of old silverware. I got the idea from something I saw on line where this woman made really awesome things out of vintage silverware. I melted the metal with a torch and shaped them with tongs.


an assortment of diana

Another successful role of film from my Diana Mini. This roll is all over the board, some from my family vacation, some from lounging at Spencer Lake, and some in my own back yard. Enjoy.



This is a piece I did early this summer. Inspiration came from a bible passage. It says that if a shepherd looses one sheep in its heard, he will go out and find it. So this is a painting of a wandering black sheep. The words in the sky say 'repent.' This is bad photo quality, but it's the best I could do for now. It's acrylic and mixed media on canvas roughly 3x4ft.