Sunshine! Sunshine!

Wow the summer has gone so fast already, and I apologize for not updating my blog! I've been extremely busy working as the artist at Bethel Horizons since May 28th - I'm giving art lessons in the mornings from 10-12 for kids who are 8-12 years old. So far some of the kids have made flags, bracelets, tie dye, dream catchers, kaleidoscopes, binoculars, brushless tempra paintings, drums/tambourines/and maracas! I've been facepainting the campers faces every Monday night at a carnival, been participating in nightly campfire skits and songs, providing arts and crafts on beach days at Governor Dodge State Park, hiked, canoed, scaled the high ropes course, been sunburned and eaten alive by misquito's!

But I have enjoyed every minute of it; this has been the perfect opportunity to get more experience in my field of Art Therapy. I've made some amazing friendships, and learned so much about myself and others. I do apologize again, for not staying updated - but, here are a few pictures from my time at Bethel. I will try my hardest to take some more throughout the rest of the summer and keep posting. As for my personal artistic endeavors, I was working on a piece before I left for the summer and unfortunately it will be put on hold until the fall - stay posted. 

Nik came out to visit me - with flowers

The Art Shack

We were visited by Dan Nedrelo - a Naturalist and he brought turtles, snakes, and frogs. Oh My!

Marie - Lifeguard

Shelby - Cook

Becca - Musician