This is the painting that I've been working on for months, that I've been promising to post. It has been a long time coming with this one - I got the idea months ago and I've put hours into it since I started. This is a painting of a woman floating in a sea of letters. The words that are lining the rays of sunshine are hard to read from the pictures I took, but they say:
"If you find me in the sky
I shall be like a bird.
If you find me in the sea
I shall be like a fish.
If you find you cannot discover me
It is because I am permeable to the realms."
It's something I've written myself. I originally was going to put lyrics up, but I figured it was about time I wrote something of my own. Another detail hard to detect from the picture I took (apologies for the poor camera work) is that the book the woman is holding says 'they.'
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Don't know the dimensions. Big.

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