Dreams - for Mike.

My friend, Michael Boerboom, and I decided over break that we were going to swap artwork. Mike is an extraordinary artist who specializes in ceramics, photography and mixed media. I’ve never really made a piece specifically for someone before, so this was my first shot. Mike told me that he wanted a painting that included a full nights worth of dreams. So, I decided to draw upon my own dreams for this. The man having the dreams is the dream keeper. The four boxes each represent a separate dream I’ve had. Low left box - I had a dream that I was a small ant trying to make it cross country, but the humans all around me were so big I was afraid of getting squashed. Upper left box – I had a dream that I had a light inside my throat. The whole world was dark, but when I opened my mouth, light would pour out and illuminate everything. Upper right box – I had a dream that I was floating naked on a lily pad down a river. Low right box – I had a dream that I was down south, stuck in a sand storm and when I opened my mouth to yell my tongue got stuck in the wind. These women dressed in 1800’s clothing grabbed onto my tongue for traction. My trade is nothing compared to what Michael gave me, but here’s his link - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Boerboom-Visual-Arts/172084332816577 check him out. Mike – this one’s for you my friend. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

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  1. Jessica! I love this piece. There is no way you can say that your trade is nothing compared to his. The man could be the next Picasso... and you know what, so you could you. This is soooo good. and btw - i appreciate you honored us with the explanation of your dreams... awesome. My favorite, though it is hard to pick, is the light bulb one (i can think of all kinds of spiritual parallels - haha!). You're awesome Jess, and your art is masterful. How much do we have to pay to get one of your works on our wall? We want to purchase one soon! I'm bummed this one is already taken! Keep it up and keep posting your stuff. - Lief