summer update

It’s been a crazy year but my spring semester has finally ended! *choir sings the hallelujah chorus*
This summer will be a blend of the following –
-camping at devils lake
-flying kites
-blowing bubbles
-working at the cleaners
-grilling out
-taking a summer class at MATC (weather & climate…. Bummer)
And last but not least spending all my free time with my friends and fam. I felt the need to do a general update cause I feel it’s been awhile.

Besides my personal life, and in other artsy news – Death Cab for Cutie is coming out with a new CD May 31st! Codes and Keys is the title and I am super stoked. Here’s the website if there are any other die hard Gibbard fans out there, you can pre-order it just like I did. :) http://www.deathcabforcutie.com/

Secondly I’m working on a couple different paintings right now that I’ll be posting in another week or so. Stay tuned, and hope summer is starting up for everyone else as well.

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